New KA spied ahead of 2016

Somehow, the Ford KA still sells, it is one of the great enigmas in the car industry, for it has never been a good looking car yet many, often teenage girls, are oddly attracted by the weird little egg on wheels. It is most definitely the ugly duckling in the Ford Range, only ever out uglied by a second hand Ford Streetka that I once had the pleasure of looking at for my daughter.

Despite the fact that it looks like a childs fiesta, the third generation KA is going ahead and we are catching the first few glimpses of it online today. To be fair the KA has come on a long way since its first generation which by the way blows my mind, the first generation KA ran from 1996-2008, 12 years! And it looked outdated in 1996, let alone 2008. The second generation generation came about in 2009, with notable improvements, but one huge downside still remained, it still looked like an egg on wheels. Now after 6 years Ford have decided to give the KA a new lease of life with the third generation, which has been spied driving on UK streets


It looks like it will stay pretty true to the concept KA (pictured below) which again is an improvement especially when you refer back to the original KA but it still seems like a lesser Fiesta to me, with so many practical similarities that it isn’t really worth having two separate cars. We wish Ford would get rid of the KA completely and bring back something worthwhile like the Ford Capri, now there’s a car that looks good. We don’t know a great deal of information on this new KA, but we do expect there to be a 1.5 litre diesel engine available which we can expect to be exactly the same as the 74bhp TDCi that is already used in certain Ford Fiesta models.