Are your tyres breaking the law?

There’s always those laws that seem to be there purely for us to break, like underage drinking, downloading music and films, and of course going about your business when there isn’t a toilet near by. Whilst I don’t wish to advocate the aforementioned acts, I guess I do sympathise in that I would never consider them to be serious crimes. However worryingly, we seem to have a similar attitude when it comes to our cars.

Whether you drive a brand new beamer or you have a second hand Seat Leon from the 90s, there are certain standards that each and all cars should maintain, not because it looks good, not because it means that you have the latest infotainment technology, but to ensure that your car is safe and road worthy. Whilst this is obviously something every road user should take seriously it would appear we have started getting lazy with recent data from KwikFit which suggests a whopping 3.6 million drivers are driving on tyres which don’t meet the standard. If you are driving on illegal tyres you may have to face a £2,500 fine or taking three points on their license. But worse than both of those they are risking their own lives as well as other drivers.

If you don’t know, the minimum tread depth of your tyres should be 1.6 millimetres and that’s across the central three quarters of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre. “Motorists should realise that responsibility for vehicle health and safety lies directly in their hands,” said KwikFit’s Roger Griggs, and I couldn’t agree more. For more news on road safety laws go to Car Site and visit there news – Motoring Issues section.